Hi my name is Dan, and I am currently studying at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden to become a Game Programmer.

I am currently looking for a internship between 2017-08-28 to 2018-04-13.

My latest work


Machine Reaper is a networked co-op first-person shooter played out in a futuristic factory environment.

My contributions

  • Enemy AI
  • Room culling
  • PhysX
  • Door Triggers
  • Events(both client side and networked)
  • Deferred Rendering
  • FXAA
  • SSAO
  • Feedback
  • Added oculus rift support in the engine( not use in the project)

Realtime Strategy

In NecroMonk you play as an monk that is clearing out an old Temple from the undead.

Space Shooter
Waste Warrior .

In Waste Warrior you have a ship and you go up against other ships in a tournament

Turn-Based Strategy

Grace is a 2D isometric turn-based strategy game.

Shoot 'Em Up

Hayashi is a 2D platformer where you have diffrent maskes with diffrent powers

Point and Click
Oswaldo's Quest

Oswaldo's Quest is a game about colors, each color dose something diffrent.

Point and Click (Lua)

Strange things has happend in Dunkelheit, It's up to you to solve the riddles in this Point and Click Game

VR-Game Jam

PawnStarz Is a VR-Game that I made with 4 other people during the time of 48 hours. As the player you have a Magic box full of item that you can pull out and throw at custmers that enters your shop asking for a specific item. Every time a custemer gets the right item you gain points.